Brazil is the biggest and most populated country in Latin America. It is also the largest GDP in the region, 1.7 trillion (2015) according to the World Bank.

The country has a rich and diversified economy, led by sectors like agribusiness, non-agricultural commodities and the aerospace, automotive and financial industries.

In agribusiness, Brazil is the largest producer and exporter of sugarcane (50% of world production), coffee (27% of the world production) and orange juice (85% of the world). The country is also the largest exporter of soybeans, chicken and the largest exporter of beef, pork, corn, soybean oil and soybean meal. When it goes to non-agricultural commodities, the country is the second largest iron ore exporter (20%)

Brazil is the 8th largest producer of cars (65 plants in its territory) and the 4th largest internal market. The country has, also, a developed aerospace industry, led by Embraer, one of the 4 biggest aircraft producers.

Consolidated Democracy

Brazil is the 4th largest democracy in the world, with direct presidential elections being prmoted since 1989 and pacific and democratic transitions since then.

Consumer Market

Brazil has one of the largest consumer markets in the world, US $ 400 million. In the last decade, the assumption of a new middle class promoted in the expansion of the market, bringing new opportunities for the industries, the retail and the services sectors.

São Paulo

São Paulo is the headquarters of BM & FBOVESPA, the most important Exchange of Latin America and one of the most important of the world. The city has 63% of the multinational companies headquarters for Lation America, 8 of the 10 biggest brokers and 5 of 10 biggest insurance companies.
São Paulo has more then 240 thousands of stores, 2 thousand bank branches and nearly 200 helipoints, the second largest world helicopters fleet. Three airports serves the city, Campo de Marte, Congonhas and Guarulhos, the world’s most important hub for Latin America, with more then 40 national and international Airlines.

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